HYSH is the strategic partner of inprotec-irt in China. inprotec-irt is a very famous infrared imaging technology solution provider in the industry, focusing on the thermal temperature camera system and in the electromagnetic spectrum infrared spectrum category of radiation detection, and generate radiant thermal phase map, Inprotect is the leader of the infrared technology industry. We just introduced the latest scientific and technological achievements real-time online closed-loop mold temperature control system technology to China, which has won the German TUV product certification. To serve the increasingly strict quality control of die casting industry, achieve real-time online monitoring of mold surface temperature and implement peripheral devices integration operation, forming a complete closed-loop control without human intervention. To maximize yield, reduce rejection rate,energy consumption and maintenance costs, both conforms to the industrial 4.0 qualification and to the trend of Made in China, 2025.

Industry Advantage

Die Thermal Control System

1. Die Thermal Control system fills the blank of closed-loop temperature control in die-casting industry. Closed-loop temperature control is the trend in the future.

2 Technical service within 24 hours to the customer site.

3 Accumulated rich practical experience in die-casting technology from successfully implementation of many international projects, which can provide customers technical support from various stages, such as mold optimization and process optimization.

4 Accumulated a large number of die casting industry resources, can give all-round advice to customers.

5 Proficient in the international practice of cooperation with foreign customers, especially European customers.