Nanjing Hua Yun Sheng Hong Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as HYSH) provides services including construction engineering, metal casting, environmental protection equipment, new energy, building intelligent system, energy conservation and environmental protection engineering technology development, technical consulting, technology transfer and technical services.Import and export business of all kinds of commodities and technologies.

HYSH is the strategic partner of Italy Inprotec IRT company in China. Inprotec IRT company is a well-known provider of comprehensive temperature solutions in the industry. It is a leader in the infrared technology industry. HYSH just imported the latest scientific and technological achievements the DTC system into China, which has won the German TUV certification, to well serviced for the increasingly strict quality controlled die casting industry. DTC can carry out operation in real time monitoring and adaptive optimization, reduce rejection rate, reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs, which conforms both in industrial 4.0 qualification and the trend of made in China 2025.

Service Features

Die Thermal Control System

Nanjing Hua Yun Sheng Hong Engineering Consulting co., ltd. not only provides DTC products and technical service solutions, but also carries out innovative research and development together with Inprotec IRT based on customers' needs. Through high-quality after-sales service team, we try to provide customers timely professional technical services, we ensure to arrive at customer workshop within 24 hours all around the country to provide the best professional technical services. 

DTC is not only applied to die casting industry, because of its special flexible modular assembly and usage, but also can be applied to all aspects of temperature monitoring and debugging requirements, it can also be used in fire protection and security industry by changing the mode of modules.