The infrared camera introduction

In the high-pressure die casting industry, temperature plays a key role in several stages of the production process:

Initial temperature monitoring, when the die requires a gradual warm-up process until appropriate operating conditions are reached.

In production, the operator can improve the quality of products by reaching the optimal temperature, which is controlled and can be reached by the spraying of release agent.

Temperature visualization and mold management, in most cases can achieve a thermal equilibrium state that determines the quality of the final casting (scrap reduction)

In order to meet the challenges of modernizing the die casting industry and the increasing demand of automotive manufacturers, INPROTEC IRT has developed an innovative system to control and monitor the surface temperature of dies, known as the DTC. The DTC unit includes a trolley and two infrared cameras integrated into an air-cooled aluminum housing station.The camera captures real-time thermal images to achieve instant feedback and control of the process.ROI(region of interest) and POI(point of interest) can be used to set up specific details to monitor casting mold, temperature trends or to compare previous and current production batches. All data is stored and processed by a screen computer. Analysis of thermal images data can be easily downloaded from DTC USB. The DTC unit is equipped with an electric cabinet, a pneumatic system to protect the infrared camera window, and a 10-meter long conduit (cable and pipe) with industrial connector to connect the camera station and the trolley. The embedded version can be installed directly in the cabinet of die casting machine.The DTC system fully meets the features of factory 4.0 as it can interact with other peripherals, for instance:

  • Robot
  • Spray head
  • Thermoregulation
  • Casting machine unit